September 23, 2010

Brown Spider Shirt Tutorial

 Any little boy (or big boy) that loves bugs will love this shirt and it is so easy to make.

 What you will need: 
Spider stencil (at bottom of post), t-shirt, fabric for the spider
 Optional magic cover (clear film laminate)

 Step 1: Print out spider on a full sheet of paper. Trim around the spider, I left lots of white on mine because of the weave of the fabric that I used was loose and I did not think that the spider would hold together. That and I wanted it to look more like a tarantula.

Step 2: Cover the spider while it is sitting on the brown fabric with magic cover so you can cut it out easier without any worries. If you don't have any magic cover just pin the stencil down and cut around the spider carefuly.

 Step 3: Pin the spider to the shirt. Picture is fuzzy there are only 12 pins on it at the ends of legs and main body.

 Step 4:  Zig Zag stitch all the way aroud the spider

 Step 5: Strait stitch on the inner edge of spider all the way around to reinforce it so it does not slip out of the zig zag stitching on the legs. Make sure this step is done, one of mine wanted to come loose when turning the spider stitching it, but after reinforcing it it was secure, even when stretched it stayed.

Step 6: Add eyes, do this by taking embroidery floss and on the under side pull it up through making a knot on the top, then pull it back down to under side, tie it off.

Your done now, enjoy you spider Shirt!  

Here is the spider stencil I used. 


Cynthia said...

I love creepy crawlies! I'm going to make myself a spider shirt!

lisbonlioness said...

Hate spiders! But this is one awesome shirt.

AprilDawn said...

My boys are big spider fans! Thanks for the "Cute Tute"!!

Sewn Together said...

He looks so proud!!! Cute boy idea!

Kathryn said...

Nice tutorial. Love how the shirt looks.

shantel said...

I am featuring this tutorial today at!