July 19, 2011

Taffy's "Re Purposed" Dogie T-Shirt

Okay, this post is about my 9 month old dachshund and her up coming need for clothes. Taffy loves to be outdoors but in the winter when it is below freezing she needs some extra warmth.  I searched for hours the other day to no avail for a dog shirt pattern online. All I came up with was people doing crummy how to's about putting theirs together but did not give the pattern they were using or cruddy YouTube videos on the patterns they wanted you to buy.
 I decided to just draft her her own pattern for a shirt, hay it's what I do for any thing else, right? This is my first attempt at making Miss Thing her very own dogie shirt, not bad for my first try! I used one of my old shirts that I was not going to ever wear again to practice on since I did not want to mess up any nice fabric.
 Since she is a dachshund her shirt is longer in the torso than most shirts found in stores and it has a tiny waist too. She loved the extra attention I gave her and did not want me to take her shirt off.
 My next attempt at a pattern it will be one with higher arms holes, I guess they are called "muscle shirts", I don't know.
Sweet Pup!

The pattern I made for Taffy's Tee Shirt can be downloaded for FREE Here
The chest stays the same on the pattern but the belly is adjustable. Taffy has a chest of 17" but her tummy is 11". The pattern goes up to a 17" belly for those of you using the pattern for a dog with out a figure. Enjoy!

Need help or want to know how to put it together go to my Tutorial Here.


Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job! I am very impressed. I have 2 babies a chi & poodle, both are rescues, the chi will wear clothes only if it is freezing outside, the poo will wear clothes 24/7 year round. He especially likes t-shirts, can hardly wait for this weekend to get to working on new sweaters!!! Thanks, you did a grat job!

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Thank you so much for posting your pattern. I think you did a great job too and can't wait to get started on one for our little Maltese rescue!

Anonymous said...

I have two dashounds too.

Anonymous said...

Harleigh my doxie said " Thank you very much,my Mommy made this for me today out of a beautiful purple fabric with butterflies for spring and I don't want to take it off" : )You did a great job , my 2 doxies are rescues and my girl " Harleigh" loves clothes. Thank you for helping me recycle