March 24, 2011

Battle Sword PDF

The amazing Battle Boy and his Battle Sword !!
 There comes a time in a mans life when he needs a Battle Sword. Lucky for this one he has a mommy that can make him one.
 It's good to occasionally hold your sword like a guitar.
 Lopped off a foot, anyone?
 Maybe a toe....

 I made his sword using cardboard and electrical tape.
1. Traced the template onto cardboard. You might trace two so you can sandwich them together to make it thicker.

 2. Use scissors or exacto knife to cut out sword (I had to use an exacto knife because of my wrist) do which ever is the easiest for you.

3. Once its cut start taping that sword! You can typically find cheap electrical tape at any discount store 5 color bundle for a buck!

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Do you have a little Buccaneer (Pirate) that needs a sword too?
Buccaneer Sword is the same idea but just in a different shape. 
Free Buccaneer Sword PDF Template.

Yes, I am aware that sword is spelled wrong on the 
pdf files, please ignore it.

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Noreen said...

Love the cute way he poses for you! I've linked it to my little boys weapons page on my site: