August 11, 2011

Taffy's Shirt Tutorial

The chest stays the same on the pattern but the belly is adjustable. Taffy has a chest of 17" but her tummy is 11". The pattern goes up to a 17" belly for those of you using the pattern for a dog with out a figure. My pattern is intended for small dogs with a chest of 17" and a waist of 11-17". So you need to measure your dogs tummy to see what size to cut.
So as requested here is the Tutorial on how to use the pattern and put the shirt together.

 1. Start with an regular t-shirt, ribbed knits have too much stretch and the finished puppy shirt will be way too loose.

 2. After cutting out the size you need pin the pieces to the shirt on a fold. Notice I have placed the pieces right at the bottom to take advantage of the finished seam (this makes it where there is one less seam to finish).

 3. This is what it should look like after cutting out the pieces. I left pink for visual, cut right up against the pattern.

 4. Here are the pieces unpinned and unfolded.

 5. Pin lower chest piece to the top piece at sides and sew.
 6. I used a stitch that looks like a zig zag but is more compact, look at above picture for example.

 7. This is what the puppy shirt should look like after both sides are sewn.

 8. On this step you can either: Fold the sleeve up and sew it in place with the weird zigzag stitch or Leave it plain and just zigzag the rough edges.

 9. Pin the shoulders together and zigzag stitch strait across.

10. Zigzag stitch the neck as is or take the neck edge off the t-shirt your using and use it as the neck edge of the puppy shirt, just pin in place and sew.

11. Finished product ready for my precious pup to wear.

Happy sewing,

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