June 24, 2011

Sweetie Pie Alternate Instructions

  First off this tutorial is on how I  put the Sweetie Pie Dress together before I made the final pattern instructions. As I was taking photos of almost all of the steps I discovered that there was an easier way to put it together. My original intent was to use the photos for the instructions but when I figured out a better way I decided to leave the instructions plain instead of making another dress to get new pictures. This post is just if you absolutely need photos to sew or if you are curious on how I made mine.

* Don't forget to Add 1" to the bottom of  the center back panel
*Seam Allowance 3/4" for a loose fit 1/2" seam allowance
*Dress has a very loose fit with 1/4" seam allowance
*Add extra length to bottom edges for a longer dress
1. Pin ruffle to center front
2. Baste ruffle down
3. Join and pin side front to center front with ruffle sandwiched in between
4. To get ruffle to lay down pin inside center seams towards middle and sew into place
 5. Pin top ruffle on and baste it into position
 6. Sew on the shoulder yoke with ruffle pointing downwards
 7. Sew center back and back sides together (Don't forget to Add 1" to the bottom of  the center back panel).
8. Sew front and back together at shoulders. Pin sash (sash is opional) onto sides sew sides together.
 9. Sew yoke and small fabric square onto out side of neck edge.
10. Slit 3" down middle back for neck opening.
11. Turn fabric square and yoke inside neck, pin and sew into place.
12. Sew sleeves together, pin and sew sleeve into arm holes.
13. Sew a botton onto the back neck opening, I used a ribbon for the botton opening.   
14.  Hem bottom edge. 
The finished dress

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