June 13, 2011

Then He Sailed Away

 As promised here it is my kids "Nautical Pants Pattern" also known as my "Sailor Pants Pattern" and its now Free for you to use! This is the EXACT pattern I used to make my Sailor Pants and my Virginia Pants it was also the one I used to do my tutorial for drafting your own Sailor Pants/Shorts pattern with.

These pants are suitable for both boys and girls. I have done denim for boys and corduroy for girls it will work well with most types of fabric. 

 My son loves them, and wants me to make him some in other colors.

You can find my kids "Nautical Pants Pattern" Here


Amber Bockman said...

These are amazing!! I can't wait to make a pair for my daughter!

Glückskind said...

Thank you so much for these georgeous pants! I'll try them for my little girl who likes all things nautical and pirate... ;)

Unknown said...

Merci beaucoup!!
Je viens de le faire pour ma fille et à part la largeur des plis qui était trop grande, tout a super bien été!
Il va être fait, refait et re-refait!! :D