November 14, 2014

Dog Coat 4

Because I can not make a coat for one dog and the other not get jealous, here is another coat from the same sweater. This dog knows how to do the "I'm so sad" look very well!
 Waiting not so patiently for her coat to be made! I had to tell her twice she could not sit on the work bench.
 This is the pieces to her coat she is keeping an eye on.

 I didn't have enough for the arms or waist so I used the lining from the hood of the sweat shirt. Buttercup looks better without sleeves.

Pretty Buttercup showing off her new coat!

November 13, 2014

Dog Coat 3

 My little low rider dog decided to get her other coat muddy, so I quickly made up another so she could have a spare to wear after her bath.
 Clean fur, fresh coat, snuggle blanket, perfect!
  I used another one of my boys sweat shirts that they had outgrown.
She's a real model.
  I added another two inches to my pattern to cover more of her torso. This one had a big pocket on the front.
  I picked out the pocket so my pup wouldn't think she needed to fill her pockets with sticks, she loves her sticks!

November 24, 2013

Boys Sweat Shirt into Two Dog Coats

 I caved and made Dog Sweaters! 
I, up until now thought "pets don't need any clothing what so ever", "why would you put your poor pooch through that"! Well, I was wrong! We have had a COLD start to Fall and my little pups are suffering.

 While sorting through clothes for Goodwill I came across a sweat shirt that both of my sons have out grown. I thought if I make them and they don't like to wear them then it wont be like I had wasted any money.
 To my surprise both dogs loved having them on and did not want them removed once they went out for a potty and came back in.
Both of them were made from a sized 5T Seattle Sea Hawks Sweat Shirt. Taffy's was made from the sleeves, Butter's it the torso.

October 1, 2013

Sewing Cat

 Her favorite spot to be when I'm sewing.

August 16, 2013

Morning Glory

 Pattern used Burda Style 8/2009 Blouse #117

 I used this light weight almost see through fabric as my muslin just to see if I liked the pattern. I really did not care if it turned out with the fabric as I have a lot of it and it is not my favorite.

The blouse is snug on the hips but I like how it fits else where. I typically wear it with blue jeans and flats but today I was in the mood for red.

August 15, 2013

Vintage Butterick 5307 Dress

 I made this dress in March of 2012 right after my hysterectomy. I needed a comfy dress that would help camouflage my swelling. This pattern was larger than my other patterns (a size up) so it made the cut.

 I skipped the zip and instead added a button, my reach was not so good then. I also shortened it by 12 inches so it would be knee length on me.

 I added some lace trim to the bottom of dress.

I don't wear it often now, its real loose all over.

Sorry blogger keeps rotating my photos
I made option "C" in the middle.

This is was taken about two months after my surgery, I was still quite a bit swollen.

(Reason behind so much swelling: Hysterectomy was started trans-vaginally then was moved to laparoscopically, only to be ended with me having to be opened up. I have 4 punctures and one big incision.)

February 10, 2013

Prairie Picnic Dress

The Kindergarten class that I work in had a Prairie Picnic last week where everyone got to wear something prairie inspired. I arose to the occasion and made myself a Prairie Dress and apron to wear.
I think I could wear this every day it is so comfy.
  Dress is a variation of Burda Style 1/2013 blouse #117 extended to ankle length.
 Without the apron the dress looks just like a Moo-moo. I liked this pattern before I made it a dress but now I don't think it would look right on me as a top.
Apron is self drafted.
 I was running out of time and did not want to make fabric ties on apron so I used ribbon instead. I love the result it gave me using ribbon.
I added a gypsy skirt I made Sierra under the dress so it would have a little more volume on bottom.
Burda Style Carmen Blouse 01/2013 #117 in jersey fabric

January 21, 2013

It's Been A Long Road Dress

I started Dress #137 from Burda Style 5/2010 way back in December of 2009 it was a plus size pattern so I did not add any seam allowance and took extra large seam allowance while sewing. I had it pretty much finished except for buttons and hemming, then January of 2011 I broke my wrist, so it got put aside and I put on some weight. I remembered it last January 2012 and finished it up but it was way too cold to take any pictures and I did not feel so well. Two weeks later I had to have a complete hysterectomy and I did not want to do any pictures because of lots of swelling from my incisions. I decided this dress was Bad Luck and put it away, that is until today when I thought "Hey, its January again, bring it on". So without further ado here it is, and I think I like it better now January 2013, than I did when I first started it. 
My Burda Style 5/2010 Dress #137 dress
I used a remnant of thin floral upholstery because of its heavier weight compared to plain cotton fabric. I wanted a dress I could wear on colder days. I only made one change to dress and that was I got rid of waist seam pockets.
The waist is a tad snug and the bust is a little loose and too low for me. I don't think that I will making  another. The all together shape of dress is to hour glass for me.

I don't have any complaints about the back, it fits my shoulders comfortably and the darts are just right.

I'll will defiantly have to wear a pretty slip or cami under this dress so I don't show off my chest with the dress being so low in the front. I had to pull front of dress up and slightly back to take these pictures, my bra was really showing.
Burda Style 5/2010 Dress #137 on their plus size model
I noticed that the model had the same issues with dress being low cut (showing bra) and the waist looks too snug.