October 6, 2010

Transformers Stencil Shirt

This is Daniels Transformer stencil shirt that I made from a movie poster.
(poster is at bottom of post)
 It took a bit to get him to smile, but I got it. 

I found this movie poster two days ago and got an idea to make it into a stencil. I left out the slits on the sides of the head and made the triangle smaller, well the triangle being smaller is from cutting in the wrong place with my blade so I went with it.

If you print this out in the lowest quality in black and white it makes for a excellent stencil.


Clorissa said...

Very cool. you are a very talented lady. I am bookmarking your site, lots of great ideas.

He has such a sweet smile!!!!


Anonymous said...

This would be great on tees for emergency kits. Boys seldom get much as it "seems" easier to sew for girls. Not sew! Nehmah