December 3, 2008

Costume For The School Play!

OK, it has been awhile I am working on a bell costume for the school play at the moment. It looks to be a straight forward pattern (in fact it is) but I have had to make some changes to it because it is for a woman and it is a child that's going to were it. The pattern is originally a pumpkin so I have to improvise and use my imagination. Then I have had to use my trusty old clear coat nail polish every now and again on the underside of the fabric, you guessed it the fabric runs just like pantie hose. This should not be taking me this long to finish but it is. I will post the picture of it when I am done.

1 comment:

Sewn Together said...

Can you iron on some interfacing to keep it from running - (don't forget a pressing cloth)

My sympathies for sewing on material like that! Good luck - I'm sure it'll look great after you get your hands on it!