December 25, 2008

Purple Pillows

Who said that little brothers have no opinion in what a big sister might like for christmas. Daniel and Christopher when christmas shopping with us for a present for thier sister and we all desided that she needed a new comfotor set but, we did NOT like the pillows that you could get to go with it. So, crafty me said that I would make them. Let me just say I have had help from the very beginin, which I don't mind. The boys chose what order they wanted the ribons and ric-rac in and even right down to how far apart every ribon should be. Then came thier fun time of stuffing the pillows what a mess, but worth it. They had fun and how many kids can accully say that they made or at least helped make someone a gift. Sorry when I took this photo I had a helper and the seams to the pillows are visible. There are two small dark purple pillows and one light purple medium sized pillow. I have two sore fingers from hand sewing all of the openings up!

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