October 11, 2010

BWOF 2/2010 104B

This is my favorite skirt that I have made yet!!!!
It is from Burda World Of Fashion February 2010 Skirt 104B
 I used a stiff black denim that I found at a local store, it was 
only 3/4 a yard remnant so I think I did great.

 I used the shorter version of the pattern because I am so short and it covers my knees.

 This is my favorite photo. Why, because it shows my side view and it proves that a good cut and fabric can make you look very slimming.

 In the back there are no pockets but who really needs extra pockets on a already awesome skirt.
 Ok, it looks as though the pocket is doing something crazy here, its not. I have pulled the pocket out so you can see that I have lined the inside with a checkered black/white cotton fabric.
Again with the pocket pull but back a bit. I did all of my stitching in grey to contrast the black and it turned out looking better than what I thought it would.

Note: I did not follow the waist band attachment steps exactly because I used denim instead of a light weight cotton and the band would have been difficult to sew if I did not change it a bit. I did not fold the band under on the inside, I finished the edges off neatly and layed them flat over the other edges that I tucked up under the inside of the band. When I finished it I stitch all the way around caught every thing in the stitches to eliminate the bulk.


Clorissa said...

Very nice! I hope to master the art of sewing my clothes someday.

Great Job!


Jennifer said...

That skirt is really awesome! I hope you wear it to church sometime so I can see it "for real"--I am sure it looks even more amazing in actuality (and the pictures are already great)!

I love to check in occasionally and see what you're up to on your blog--you are an inspiring sewist!