March 29, 2011

Bagging It?

Ok, I am having a dilemma here. I am usually in awe of almost
all of Vogues patterns but here lately I think that they have  
lost there minds when it comes to designing patterns. Now, 
I am no "Skinny Mini", I have some shape to me, most of the  
time I wear size 6-8 depending on brand and time of month.  
Have you not seen the shape to a lot of their new patterns  
and can you not say that there is not some "Major Saddle 
Baggage" action going on.

Here are some examples from Vogue Patterns Summer 2011 
 This poor model looks like she is about to be saddled to go out 
on a long excursion in the desert, I hope she remembered to 
pack her sun block.

 She's a stick and it doesn't look as "Oompa loompa" on her but, bless 
your little heart if you have HIPS and you make this to wear yourself.

 When I see this one I just think, "OK, where's she hiding it?". What, 
you might ask, is she hiding? Her luggage, no, her shape, or does 
she really have a big back side to go with the big hips! I mean, look 
how tiny her waist is, this skirt does nothing for her. The giant bow
 on the front reminds me of a old trick I learned when I first started 
to sew. You know the trick, the "Oops, I made a mistake, I know,
 lets put a bow over it" trick. I don't do that one any more, it is 
okay when you are under 18 but after that it is just sad.


Here are (in my opinion) Vogue's other hip disasters. 
 This top reminds me of a fairy dress with its pointed 
bottom sides and a Japanese wrap kimono. No, I don't 
think I will be making this one, I just can't bring myself 
to looking like Tinker Bell.

 To my understanding the above pattern is for ladies that 
have hips. When worn, the side hem line will even out to 
match the rest of the top. OR..... maybe they are trying to 
replicate the "stretched down side effect" that those with 
little kids get on all of their shirts. You know, in the mama 
crowd, that is fashionable, and almost every mom sports it in the
first five years of her kids life. Wait a minute, are 
they trying to say that moms are in style?

These are the only patterns that really made me question 
Vogue as a favorite pattern company. Vogue, if you read me,
 "I like and love the rest of your new line" it is the above patterns 
that I scratch my head at. These are solely my opinions!

1 comment:

Liz said...

Wow those are really bad and yeah I agree if anyone has weight on them and wears this they will look even bigger. If the skinny models look like they have extra weight on them I can just imagine how much weight would be added if someone with hips put that on, no thank you. Yeah I won't be buying these.