July 25, 2011

BWOF 2/2011 Dress 101

Sierra and I have been working on this on and off for about three weeks. We started off by working on two dresses one for both of us, but in the end only one of us was meant to have one.  
 The other dress, well it is hanging up in my closet waiting to be finished sometime in the future.
 We decided the other dress was going to be too small for Sierra so I gave her mine. Her original was all lined, mine as you can see just had the bottom lined.
This is a easy pattern but we added some extra layers and lining to it so it became hard for Sierra to do all by herself. That and the outer layer is super slick.
 The upper still needs some taking in but the rest is just fine.
 Next time I think we will go with something that is single layered so she can do all/more of the work.
 I added a cap sleeve effect to the shoulders of the dress, both of us had problems with the shoulders not staying in place.
 What I love about this dress pattern is it falls right above your natural waist and there for hides tummies.
   Model: Sierra
Dress: Sierra & Charlotte
Cute little brother: Daniel
Location: The Abandoned Spill Ways
Jewelry: Grandma

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Zoe said...

I like this one- the length is perfect- and the jewelry looks lovely with it!