July 27, 2011

Rosettes Are Red, Rosettes Are Blue

Ever wonder how to make a rosette, Or what to do with them if you already know how to make them? I've came across two posts that include rosettes, making them and crafting with them. 
photo from: Cherry Street Cottage
First we we start with making them since we need to know that before we can craft with them. Over at Cherry Street Cottage  Jessica has a real good tutorial of how to make rosettes compleate with pictures to guide you along.

photo from: the idea room
 Skip over to The Idea Room and she will show you how to make some lovely things out of those rosettes.
photo from: the idea room
 Love the Valentines Day frame!
photo from: the idea room
Party streamers is what she made these rosettes out of, I think everyone has a roll of this stuff laying around somewhere.

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