August 2, 2011

Dutch Braided Halo

This is a new hair style for me and I did it with no help, tutorials, or prompting.
 I have looked this up after I did it and could not find the exact name for it, but I do know that it is a dutch braid.
 I used one clear elastic and three hair pins to do this.

I found this Youtube video that shows how to do the "Dutch" braid, but it does not go all the way around the head like mine does.
A "Dutch braid" is the same as a "French braid" except it crosses over the opposite way to make the braid pop out more. It is a simple braid to do once you learn it.
Here is how to do my version:
- Only take hair in from the bottom!
- Start braiding at your right temple and braid to your left.
- Braid all the way around until you reach where you started.
- Braid the rest of the hair all the way out with a regular braid and secure with the elastic band.
- Tuck the remainder of hair under the hair you began with. 
- Use hair pins to secure the hair you tucked in.
- Spray your hair with hair spray to finish.

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