April 5, 2012

How To Make A Slip Tutorials

I did a search of the internet for tutorials and patterns on making slips/petty skirts, I came up with "FIVE" really good tutorials and one free pattern.

She uses a preexisting Blah slip and shows how to make it cute by adding wide trim.
Photo from Design & Style

 2. See Kate Sew: the short dress fixer slip
This one uses a cheap slip from a discount store and sews ruffle fabric onto it.
Photo from See Kate Sew

3.  iCandy Handmade:  (tutorial) extender slip
This crafter uses "Thrift store granny slips" as the base, then adds trim.
Photo from iCandy Handmade

 4. Trendy Trinket: Pettiskirt Tutorial
This gal shows how to make it all from scratch using lace, trimmings and fabrics.
Photo from Trendy Trinket

5. SEW CRAFTFUL: Free Slip Pattern
A 1969 free slip pattern


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