November 24, 2013

Boys Sweat Shirt into Two Dog Coats

 I caved and made Dog Sweaters! 
I, up until now thought "pets don't need any clothing what so ever", "why would you put your poor pooch through that"! Well, I was wrong! We have had a COLD start to Fall and my little pups are suffering.

 While sorting through clothes for Goodwill I came across a sweat shirt that both of my sons have out grown. I thought if I make them and they don't like to wear them then it wont be like I had wasted any money.
 To my surprise both dogs loved having them on and did not want them removed once they went out for a potty and came back in.
Both of them were made from a sized 5T Seattle Sea Hawks Sweat Shirt. Taffy's was made from the sleeves, Butter's it the torso.

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