January 5, 2009

Please Help Save The Handmade Trade!

I might have to close down my etsy shop if congress does not get their act together and do away with the new bill they have. It was intended to regulate and protect children from the lead paint merchandise that was being sold here in America. The catch to the bill is that it will also put ALL American crafters that hand make and sell ANYTHING for a child out of business unless if that crafter can come up with 200.-4,000. dollars per design/lot. I don't have that kind of money for all of my one off clothes that I sell nor does all of the other crafters or small shops that it is going to effect. As of today I have 3 days to get my clothes tested and 35 days to get a certificate to allow me to sell my stuff. This is all crazy! This bill includes anyone that makes or sells: Clothes, Wooden cars, Dolls and doll clothes, Tutus, Hair bows, Cloth diapers, Embroidered socks, Knitted/Crocheted booties and hats,  Painted blocks, Wooden signs, Clay toys, Bedding ie..baby receiving blankets, ANYTHING that is for a child AND Any items imported for small shops to sell will all have to be tested it does not matter if it was tested in another country you want to sell it at your store  you get the privilege of getting that item tested. If you would like to sing the petition please visit The Handmade Toy Alliance and sign. We should not have the right of making and selling handmade items taken away from us. Who profits from it but the big corporations that can handle the fees.

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