February 24, 2009

Inspiration for me!

The current issue of LMNOP

I LOVE this online magazine and the stuff that is in it. It is like a wish book of sorts with kids clothing and toys. I look at the images in it and think oooh I can make that! This is a magazine that almost makes me want a little girl, but there are really cool boys things in it all the time. The only problem is it is only published quarterly and it is in digital format and I want more!

SMALL Spring 09'

Then there is SMALL magazine! More of what I like with the same type of goodies as LMNOP, but much more.  This one goes above and beyond in all things kid. Agian it is quarterly and digital only, but who cares it is great and if that is the only way to get the good stuff than I'm all for it.

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