December 1, 2010

Lack of...

No pictures, tutes, patterns for now! I am currently working on Christmas for my family and they read my blog, well my boys do to see if they can get hints at presents.

 I will have something for you real soon!
Also, I have been thinking of switching my site over to typepad or somewhere else but while playing on typepads free trial it just seems to be more hassle than good. They haven't the programing to import blogger blogs and I want all of my work to move with me. Anyone have a site that you like that will host files (mainly PDF's) and is not too out of budget? My goal is to have all of my patterns on my site so you will not have to go to another site to download, or figure a way to get them on my current blog for download. Another reason to have them on my own site is that I keep the rights to all my work and not forfeit them to share my patterns!

OK, I have solved my dilemma I am going to use Media Fire to host ALL my patterns including the ones that are currently on Burda Style (which you have to log in or create an account to download). My current blog will NOT be switching to another site, blogger is easier to navigate and I don't have to deal with the spam or the wierd formats of the other sites.

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