March 5, 2009


How do I keep track of all the ideas or inspiration that I have? Well its not easy, I have a very large binder that holds  much of it. I  was keeping every catalog that had cute things in them but after awile I had so many of them it got to be a hand full. Now I tear out what I like, punch holes in them and put them in the binder  sorted by womans/childrens then by catalog. My binder beats having two file boxes of catalogs and magazine that had repeat items in them.
This system has came in handy in that I can flip through and see something that inspires me and then I go create. I will tell on my self this is also how I came up with the idea to do my Coffee Date Dress in the fabric that I did. I seen a dress  similar to it in a anthropologie catalog that used a similar fabric.

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Ilene said...

Hey Charlotte, I would love to chat with you about the cushion covers. Can you email me at Thanks