March 4, 2009

Top This!

I needed a new sewing case for my sewing supplies my old one was way to small to even fit a pair of pinking sheers in. I searched high and low but could only find them on the high. See I am the queen of cheap I want quality for a low price. All of the fabric stores I had visited had ones that were NOT what I wanted for a great price or just what I wanted but the price was crazy. Solution came when my dear husband suggested that I just get a toolbox. So the next time we went to Walmart I first  took one last look in the craft/sewing isle and with disapointment wondered to the tools. Ladies I had no idea the cool colors of boxes you can get: pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple and green. The best part about these tool departments is that they know that a man will not spend that much on a plastic box when a cardboard one will do just fine, so they keep their prices LOW. Here comes the best part my new sewing box cost me under $3.00 yes, a large not so manly box can cost that much. Compared to the $30.00 I was going to have to pay for a smaller one that it exactly the same but mine has color, the other (real sewing) boxes looked like fishing tackle boxes and I can't have that.


Ilene said...

Wow well done! By the way, you are not "cheap", you are "frugal". That makes it sound so much more glamorous:). Awesome new sewing case. You have such a smart husband.

amy wright said...

It probably has more compartments too, huh? Guys like gadgets and need more gadgety compartments. Way to go!
If I ever decide to take up sewing, I'll remember this. :)

Sewn Together said...

What a great idea! I also use school supply boxes to hold safety pins and my quick clip for quilting. Wait til school starts up and you get them for a steal.