July 22, 2009

Picking a Pattern


Start off by paging though a pattern magazine to see what you like. Pattern Magazines are not the same as  pattern catalogs. Pattern magazines have the patterns and instructions in them usually about 40 patterns in each. Catalogs only have pictures of patterns to be bought individually in envelopes. There is also a big price difference between them, each magazine costs about $6 (for 40 patterns) and the catalogs are about $12 just to sell a enveloped pattern that is any where from $8 - $21 (for one pattern).

Find the pattern that you like.

Pattern magazines have enormous sheets that have the patterns on them, all you have to do is find the color and size of pattern your looking for and start tracing them onto tissue paper.

Once the pattern pieces have been cut your ready to start putting them together useing the instructions that they provide in the middle of the magazine.

The only differance between the magazine instructions and envelope instructins is that the magazine already expects the user to know how to piece pieces without a picture showing them step by step.

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