August 3, 2009

Etsy Sale Over

If you have not seen my Etsy store here lately it is completely bare, everything
in my store was  bought up last week after I posted the sale. I have been working
on new clothing and was thinking of making other items to place in the store. I
think there needs to be more boy items for sale on Etsy or the inter-net at that.
I personally can never find enough boy clothes, all I ever find is all the really
cute stuff for girls. I like the girl stuff but, since I have all boys I know just how
hard it is to find the hand made goods for boys.
I must admit when I first started I was  a little weary of the whole Etsy store
idea, but now I kind of like the idea of placing my creations up on display for
strangers to comment on them and to hopefully to sell them to someone that
likes what I have made.
Any ideas of what else I should make?

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