June 30, 2010

Sun Sail Picnic Blanket Ball Launcher

 I wanted to make a Sun Sail, Christopher wanted a Picnic blanket, and Daniel wanted some thing to launch balls. We All got what we wanted, a SSPBBL it blocks the sun, lays on the ground and when held from the handles on the corners will launches balls.
 We had it strung up in the middle of our yard to take pictures, it works better closer to a building or tied up higher than a six year old can reach.
The SSPBBL as a picnic blanket, it's made of a synthetic material so it does not hold moisture.
If you have four people to hold each corner loop, lower their arms and then fling them back up this bad boy will launch balls for a really fun game.  
We used the loops to tie it up as a sun sail.

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