June 23, 2012

Asthma Inhaler Covers

Christopher the day of his track meet, O2's were 82% after this jump!
I have a child (Christopher) with sever asthma, its not fun for him or me, but we try to make it better by making or re-purposing holders for his inhalers. So, if it can cheer up my wheezy kid it might do the same for one you know with asthma too. It is very important to carry something even if you are having a good or in the green day.

You can use/re-purpose:
old Mace case,
small knife pouch (these have handy belt clips),
flash light holders (most of these have carabiners),
old cell phone case

 Make one!
Nick jr. has how to's to make kid friendly ones:

If all else fails order, we found this.
I went to EIBactive to fill out a survey and he got this pouch in about 6 days FREE. Its the one he currently carries with him because it is soft and bright so every one knows he's packin. He attached to a lanyard so he can wear it around his neck.

Usually if he is going somewhere without me, I add a medical info card to his pouch so if anyone has to help him they will see his asthma plan. This site that has a Complete FREE Medical Record ID Wallet Card, its what we use to print Christopher's. I do this every other month so it stays up to date.

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