June 20, 2011


Oh, I have found a ring that makes me want to love jewelry more and it is this little beauty.
It is found at  St. Kilda
See I am Not a jewelry girl, I am found most days with just my wedding band. This little ring makes me want to change my mind. One real good reason I don't wear a lot of the sparkly stuff is I garden a lot, and it is hard to find rings in a tiny size of "4", yes that is my ring size. When my husband went to get my engagement ring they had to size down a size "5" ring. It's a funny thing to go into a jewelry store and ask to see the size 4's they bring out the little girl rings.

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ladychiara said...

What a lovely ring! My daughter has teensy fingers too. Sadly being a heavy lady I have the opposite problem and have very fat fingers. There is something very appealing about the simplicity of that beautiful ring.