July 1, 2011

Chestnut bun

 I was searching for a new way to do my hair to get it off my neck and out of my face, also it had to be something that did not look like all I had time for was a pony tail. My search came to an end with this site A CUP OF JO and her tutorial on How To do a Chestnut Bun, I am a smitten follower now!
 It is a great tutorial but my hair is really long and extremely thick so her version didn't quite work with mine. I added a step for those with my hair type. On step 7 instead of wrapping your hair around your hand bend it in a accordion fold (only the hair to be hidden) and rubber band it. Rubber banding it also helps keep the extra hair in place (if you have a lot of hair like me) Then do step 8, it works just the same as if you had thinner hair. 
My version with the extra hair banded
Excuse the lack of makeup, this was my Monday crafting day.
This has officially became one of my favorite hair styles.

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