August 26, 2011

Simple Soda Can Labels

Anyone that has kids that drink soda knows that it is hard to keep the cans from getting mixed up and confused for an others drink. The other day my boys were screaming at each other (yes, my kids are not perfect) about who's can was who's and it just about drove me nuts to hear them go at one another. They had a system going where one would pull the tab off every other drink and the other boy would leave his on so they could tell which one was theirs. This is a great idea but one son takes two days to finish a can, the other can at times get through one in a sitting. The unfinished sodas go into the refrigerator after they drink what they can and then are saved for the next day to get finished. It happens often that both boys might be on the same no tab marking at the same time and they get mad at each other because the both want to have the tab off. Something had to be done where the tabs could stay on and the cans could still be marked. So, I thought about the project I did two weeks ago to label all of my computer electronics, that's when the light bulb hit me. Why not use the bread tags for the cans too! I was still saving them for more labeling so I had them on hand for the next soda.
(Normally the cans are the exact same, I could not find another green can with tabs on still, so I used one of my cans.)
This has worked wonders for my boys and there is no more fighting over which one is who's.

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