September 22, 2011

Say No to Autumn Shorts

I made these shorts back in July for a Party that I was to attend and never got around to posting any pics. So, here we are two months later and the temperatures are lower and I have decided to model them. Boy was it cold and windy this morning, it didn't make for a fun shoot!
 They look a little oompa loompa but they are very comfy.
 I decided to roll the cuff up and stitch it in place, I think that it added to the look instead of the un-cuffed look.
 Ashley seen this location from a previous job he had done and decided it would a great place to take pictures.
 The fabric I used was the left overs from Daniels old Knights costume.
 I did not have a zipper to match the shorts so I used a purple zipper and it looks great.
Pattern used: Burda World Of Fashion 5/2010 Shorts #136

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