June 21, 2012

Tried It - Tie Dye with Sharpies

A week ago I posted about the discovery of Tie Dying with Sharpies. The project impressed me so much I had my sons to try it, and they absolutely LOVED it.

Here's some more pictures from them doing their shirts.
This is Daniel's Saturn you can see it at the very bottom left of the very top picture.

Christopher adding rubbing alcohol to his.

Christopher's shirt, this is at center bottom of his shirt.

Christopher adding more alcohol with a syringe to his crosses, crosses are at top right of his shirt.

Daniel's cross, it is at bottom left of his shirt
 The only thing we changed was we used coffee cans instead of dinky solo cups. Also the boys used the alcohol sparingly to get just the right amount of bleed for their artwork.

Cost of this project:
Shirts we had on hand: No cost
Sharpies 8 pack primary colors: 8.49
 Rubbing Alcohol 65%: .99 cents
Total 9.48

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