June 9, 2012

Re-puposing Boys Pants

Pants don't come cheap and if there is a way to ease the pain in my wallet by not having to spend extra money to replace them, I'm all for it. I have done all of these in the past just to keep my sons and husbands work pants in the rotation. I would have done a "how to" on these but there are other moms that beat me to it and hey why go and post something that is already explained well on these moms sites.

Image from Tonya Staab
 Above and below are both from Tonya Staab's site. Top she has patched the holes with fabric and below she has added fabric cuffs. I have done both of these on the pants of all the men in my house little and big.
Image from Tonya Staab

Image from Kandeeland
This one is from Kandeeland and it is the most easiest one there is to make shant/jorts/corts...... or any other name for pant shorts. It is also the one we use most often at my house with my youngest. He does not put holes in his knees, his pants get converted because he has long legs and pants look like high waters on him.

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