August 15, 2013

Vintage Butterick 5307 Dress

 I made this dress in March of 2012 right after my hysterectomy. I needed a comfy dress that would help camouflage my swelling. This pattern was larger than my other patterns (a size up) so it made the cut.

 I skipped the zip and instead added a button, my reach was not so good then. I also shortened it by 12 inches so it would be knee length on me.

 I added some lace trim to the bottom of dress.

I don't wear it often now, its real loose all over.

Sorry blogger keeps rotating my photos
I made option "C" in the middle.

This is was taken about two months after my surgery, I was still quite a bit swollen.

(Reason behind so much swelling: Hysterectomy was started trans-vaginally then was moved to laparoscopically, only to be ended with me having to be opened up. I have 4 punctures and one big incision.)

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