February 25, 2009

Cherries Jubilee

Burda World of Fashion 2/2009 Dress 124A
This is my second try at this dress and this time I remembered to include the seam allowances. It has turned out quite nice and I think it might be one that I repeat agian.
I have added a slit at the back of the dress that was not in the instructions. Two weeks ago I stumbled across a great bargain on zippers sold in a mixed bulk so I took a chance and bought it, I am glad I did the zipper hear came out of it and is exactly the same color as the fabric.
I wasn't to sure at first if I really wanted to make this dress because it seemed as if it would only look good on someone who doesn't have the "I've been pregnant pouch" but this dress is pleasing to the natural shape of the female body.

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