February 26, 2009

More Inspiration


This site has clothes that are all about modesty, REALLY! Check out their swimsuits (they cover everything). What I like about this site is that they do believe that some body parts should be left to the imaganation AND that they give so much of their profits to charities and mission trips.

DownEast Basics

Ok, this site most of the time has the cutest dresses I have ever seen. They also beleive that modesty is the best policy too.  All of the models that  model tank tops and spagetti strap shirts  for women or for girls all have tee shirts under them to cover up. I will admit this seasons selection is kind of lacking what they usually have but I really enjoy the freedom of going to a clothing site and not having to sensor what my boys and husband see if they are anywhere around. They sold the coolest swim suits last year that reminded me of the old retro ones that are a boy cut bottom with a long slightly rueshed top, very cool and borderline modest. This year I have not seen any swimsuits on their site I hope they get the other ones back I sure did like them.

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