September 2, 2010

Busy Busy

Well, it's been a hectic two weeks my boys started school and we had troubles with the uniform store. They kept giving the slim pants that I special ordered for my son away. In the end I only was allowed 1/2 my order. It turns out other parents get the dirty deal with her too.

Made 20 very large fake fur pillows in all kinds of animal prints for my boys academy library. I had to do a lot of hand sewing because of the fur. I would deliver them a few at a time and the kids would go wild with excitement.

Drafted a pattern for my sweet neighbor from her favorite night blouse. The poor garment was on it's last legs and she wanted to be able to make more of them because they are so comfy. 

Had a 7Eleven themed Birthday party for my son and his twin cousins. Can you guess there ages? My son is "7" now and the twin girls turned "11". They had a 7eleven sign for the birthday cake. It was really fun combining the two partys, Daniel has never shared a birthday party with anyone and the girls just wanted to share a party with some one other than each other.

To top every thing off I got some strange illness that  made my back hurt when I moved and only had relief when I lend forward, but I'm better now.

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amy wright said...

I love the 7eleven idea.
I'm glad you are feeling better.