September 11, 2010

Green For Fall Trousers

 I finally got to use some green corduroy that I did not think that any one would like so it stayed hidden in my stash. While I was rummaging for some thing to work on Christopher seen the corduroy and fell in love. His words "Mommy you know it has been awhile since you made me some pants". I thought he was joking at first but then he is my son and he like things different.

 Who says that Fall pants have to be browns and oranges, not me, I like anything but the normal.

 He wanted to pose with a white Lumina Pumpkin form our garden.

 I drafted these but the concept was his. He wanted working buttons on both sides of his hips.

 So, both sides open and there is elastic in the back if he wants to just pull them on.

I cut down on bulk by only folding hems in once and encasing all seams with a soft fabric.

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