September 28, 2010

Crazy Scarf

Yea, I know it don't take much to make a scarf. This scarf was made out of a remnant that was too narrow to do any thing else with and I haven't any scarfs that are not purple or blue. I found it at Wal-mart before they decided to get rid of the fabric aisle and no longer sell fabric. I had to cut away the crooked edges so that made it even narrower, then I sliced it right up the middle and joined the two ends together. After joining the ends it was one extremely long piece I finished off the edges by folding over 1/4" and zigzagging it down. I have already worn the scarf as a belt on a skirt (I was told this way looked stupid by a person that wears only black) and around my neck twice. Did I mention that I like scarfs.
So Wal-mart you thought that you were doing a smart move by removing all the fabric in my area well let me tell you this ALL of the quilters, hobbyists and Mennonite ladies (there are lots) now shop Jo Anns in the next big city. Who's smart now!


amy wright said...

It's sad to me that they got rid of the fabric department. Instead of letting it go, they should have stepped it up a bit since there are so many women our age who are becoming crafty like their grandmothers were.
The scarf looks great!!

Jessica Stier said...

I love it as a belt and as a scarf. Do your own thing and don't listen to this black wearing critic.