April 1, 2011

Cut the Cost of Your Kids Bath Art

 In our house we do a lot of bathtub art, so we go through a lot of  "Bathtub Crayons". When you have artists like I have you have to constantly replace the crayons and that can add up over time. So, I am letting you in on how I save on the bathtub master pieces without giving up the quality name of the loved products.
 Crayola Bathtub Crayons
$ 5.99 for 9

Protective covers keep fingers clean

Very thin
crayons go back in when your trying to write
don't last
not easy for little guys to use

All though we have these (Purchased by someone else) they are not a favorite. Kids are already in the tub, let the fingers get messy.

 Crayola Beginnings - Washable Triangular Crayons
$ 3.29 for 8

shape is easy to grip (even wet)
great for little guys
writes well
wipes clean with one swipe of wet cloth
lasts long 
price is half of bath crayons 

 Fingers get dirty

We LOVE these the best, yes, they are not "Bathtub Crayons" but they work better and last longer. They are the ones that my boys choose over all the other marketed for tub use.

Crayola - Large Washable Crayons
$ 2.99 for 8

Same as Washable Triangular Crayons
Cost less

Same as Washable Triangular Crayons
they are round and harder to hold when wet

Although we don't buy these often because of their shape, they with stand a good bath just the same as the "Triangular" ones and there for pass the test.

Note: When using Washable, you do have to follow the same rules as the bathtub crayons.
 * Don't leave them submerged on the bottom of tub (it dissolves them)
* Store them in a open air container when done so they can dry 
* They are not supposed to be used as makeup!

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megannielsen said...

oh my goodness. I am so happy you posted this. We go through tub crayons like there is no tomorrow! I never thought of using regular ones. Thanks hun!