June 25, 2011

Main Man Work Vest

I came across a sale on Vogue way back when I had my full arm cast on and had noticed they had some nice looking vest patterns. I purchased one after consulting my darling on what he would like for me to make him. This is the pattern he chose. I had intentions on making two work vests for Ashley, but in the end I could only make one. That's okay I got plenty experience from this pattern to know how to make it better the next time. It has been for ever since I have used a envelope pattern, I was kind of scared to cut the thing fearing cutting out the wrong pattern size.

 Pattern Used Vogue M8048
 The pattern that I used fits him perfect, I was worried about the size.
 I would have had enough fabric for two but one of the front pieces got completely messed up from the attempt to construct the pockets the way the instructions suggested. So, being the seamstress I am I threw the instructions away and cut a new front and made the pockets my way.
 I added extra pockets.

Vogue M8048 Review

Did I like this pattern: It could have been better

Will I use it again: Yes, with some changes

Did I make any changes to the Pattern: Yes
 I added extra pockets
Changed the way pockets are added 
Added edge stiching to the pockets for reenforcment
Left out the back ties 

What did I like about the pattern: Its fit is great

What did I not like about pattern: 
The instructions for adding the placket pockets was awful.
The template for the buttons is backwards for women. 

I guess I got what I paid for a $4 envelope pattern. I am a little disappointed in Vogue patterns, don't think I will be making many things from their patterns.

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