July 22, 2011

Mason Jars Five - If A Mason Jar Won't Work Use A Bottle

-Day Five of Mason Jar Week-

If you don't like mason jars use wine bottles, coke bottles or what ever is laying around.
Design Sponge - Display your bottles on a shelf.

Oregon Live - Hang them as lights.

Tie your bottles to sticks and use them as vases - Source unknown if you know it please share so I can update post.

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CCsInspirations said...

These "bottles on sticks" are actually for sale
"Handcrafted in the Philippines. 50″ tall. Set of four is $48 and can be bought, At West End" via http://www.weddingchicks.com/2010/03/11/eco-friendly-wedding-ideas/

I'd much rather make my own if doing this! LOL