October 18, 2011

Problems With My Wee Piggy?

Exhibit A "Wee Piggy"
Does this piggy look gross? Some of my readers think so... Why?
Helene said...

Kaitlyn said...
its really ugly and gross.I wouldn't suggest this to ANYBODY !!!!! 

Come on, this was a present for my 4 year old son (a kids toy) and he loves it! I did not have to post the pattern for FREE download. If you think it is gross don't download it or anything else from my site, my patterns are not for you!

Original post and pattern can be found Here
Is it the name, my son named it after the little piggy that went wee wee wee all the way home, I thought it was a cute name.


indywriter said...

I don't love every project I find on crafty sites. But I have never felt the need to leave hateful comments. What value did that serve?

If I didn't like a project and truly felt the need to leave a comment, I would ask a question or say how I might tweak it for myself.

These kinds of drive-by posts just make me think of a schoolyard bully.

I think it's a cute project. And it's very sweet of you to post your patterns for anything, including this Wee Piggy.


nehmah said...

The wee blue critter would benefit from a more clearly-defined face. So long as it's owner likes it, what matters our opinion? Nehmah

Jilly said...

I think it's cute - but either way, i wouldnt leave a "nasty" comment. Some people enjoy using the internet to be nasty.

And that is really too bad.

Cute piggy! (:

julie said...

Hello there. I just came across you blog and I saw the wee piggy and I think its cute. Sorry for the nasty comment. God bless you and yours.