November 8, 2012

Grim Reaper and His Pal Skeleton

Its a few days late, but here are my boys in the costumes they wanted me to make them.
 Sir Grim is my son Daniel and Mr. Skeleton is Christopher
 Oddly enough this robe was really easy to make it only took me one hour to make (drafting all the way to last stitch)
 The skeleton I spent several hours hand stitching bones onto a store bought sweat suit.
 It is possible to sneak up on death!
 Christopher hates face paint so I made him a mask.
I did purchase sickle, mask and gloves for this costume the lantern we already owned.
I tied extra fabric to a camping lantern for Grim to carry to light his and Skeletons way. Yes, it was killing them to have to pose together.

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