January 21, 2013

It's Been A Long Road Dress

I started Dress #137 from Burda Style 5/2010 way back in December of 2009 it was a plus size pattern so I did not add any seam allowance and took extra large seam allowance while sewing. I had it pretty much finished except for buttons and hemming, then January of 2011 I broke my wrist, so it got put aside and I put on some weight. I remembered it last January 2012 and finished it up but it was way too cold to take any pictures and I did not feel so well. Two weeks later I had to have a complete hysterectomy and I did not want to do any pictures because of lots of swelling from my incisions. I decided this dress was Bad Luck and put it away, that is until today when I thought "Hey, its January again, bring it on". So without further ado here it is, and I think I like it better now January 2013, than I did when I first started it. 
My Burda Style 5/2010 Dress #137 dress
I used a remnant of thin floral upholstery because of its heavier weight compared to plain cotton fabric. I wanted a dress I could wear on colder days. I only made one change to dress and that was I got rid of waist seam pockets.
The waist is a tad snug and the bust is a little loose and too low for me. I don't think that I will making  another. The all together shape of dress is to hour glass for me.

I don't have any complaints about the back, it fits my shoulders comfortably and the darts are just right.

I'll will defiantly have to wear a pretty slip or cami under this dress so I don't show off my chest with the dress being so low in the front. I had to pull front of dress up and slightly back to take these pictures, my bra was really showing.
Burda Style 5/2010 Dress #137 on their plus size model
I noticed that the model had the same issues with dress being low cut (showing bra) and the waist looks too snug.

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