May 16, 2010

Kitchen Chair Redo

My home project for the weekend.
 My kitchen chairs were in dire need of a makeover from all the abuse that they have gone through over the last seven years that I have had them. So, this weekend was the perfect time for it to happen, that and I finally got tired of seeing the same old Kool-aid, play dough and water stains. The chair pictured is the only one worthy of a before picture or the only one that I am not to ashamed to show, it is an extra that I use for my sewing chair and only take out when we need an extra chair. Notice the pink ribbon on the rail,  it helps the kids identify that it is my sewing chair so that they don't use it. 

I have switched from light tan to a dark brown that has a water proof backing so that if any food or drink gets spilled it won't show as much. I thought the fabric was a great pick especially since I got it for 50 cents a yard at a local store that is getting rid of all of their fabric.

Yea, much better!

For my sewing chair I did something a little different. I have sewn three pieces of the fabric together in different directions to distinguish it from the rest so I will no longer need the ribbon.

My finished chairs: one that belongs in the kitchen and the other my sewing chair.

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