September 21, 2010

Bat Wings Explained

 I have had questions on how I made the insert wings to the bat costumes so I will explain.

 I started off with the arm and side measurements for a basic triangle. Then what ever the difference between the two I divide by 4 and add it to each line to work up to the longest line. 

So if my arm is 16 and my side is 20 
the lines would be: 
16" arm line 
17" between arm and middle line, 
18" Middle line
19" between middle and side line
20" side line

I draw all of these onto the fabric with a fabric pencil, then I stitch a wide line onto the fabric following the lines that I drew (zig-zag width 4.0 and length .7). Do Not stitch the arm or side lines these will not been seen for they will be under seams. Next I draw the ends of the wings with the pencil and do the same stitching starting and stopping at each point. 

 After your wing is all stitched cut the excess fabric off carefully alone the stitched edges leave 1/8" just in case. 
I found that by doing the edges this way it looks better than just a plain zig-zag on the pre-cut edge. Now your wings are ready to be sewn into your top!

I added this picture because it reminds me of dragon wings, don't you think so?

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Anonymous said...

Woman, you have more patience than I. And more math skills. Cordially, Nehmah