September 19, 2010

Hand Me Ups!

 Was once Daniel's now its MINE! 
Yes I raided my sons closet! No not really, I bought the shirt with the intentions of giving it to him but soon realized that the neck would not fit over his head. So I was going to give it to Good Will and the strangest thing happened I tried it on and it fit except the gagging collar. 

 Before with the shirt that donated the dark blue strips.
 Notice how itty bitty the neck is, it was a real choker.

 I cut the neck nice and wide.

 I cut five 2" strips of the dark blue and sewed them onto the light blue shirt 1/4" apart folding the top of the strips into the inside of the neck. once they were secure I folded the edge of the neck in and zig zagged it to finish up the neck edge.

Next time I think I will try narrower strips.

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