September 21, 2010

Size 2 Bat 3, and Bat 4 Size 5

Well, I said that there were more and here they are or at least two of them.
 I am surprising the little recipients of these, they are receiving the complete costume. All because of the utterly kind nature their mommy that and the fact that through all of my making these she has stayed in contact with me. Not many customers do that, some say one thing and mean another.
 So, Olivia if you have read this please forgive me and do enjoy the extras, you deserve it.

 These tops did not want to obey my sewing machine, but in the end I got them to cooperate.

Yes, I have already posted this picture but it is just too cool.


Suzanne said...

What a great friend you are! These costumes are amazing. Whoever you have in mind for these will LOVE wearing them!

Olivia said...

LOVE THESE! So glad they are for my boys. :) Anyone who orders these will be very pleased!

Olivia said...

...and what a great surpise with the pants! You were right about needing them! Thank you for the sweet words and all your hard work!