September 17, 2010

Bat, Bats and More Pillows

Grey Bat anyone?
 This is what I am working on and what I will continue to work on for the next week. There are FOUR more to do! I have had several requests for bat costumes so little boys across America can be their favorite rodents this Halloween. Actually I will admit I like bats too, they are a fun animal to make costumes of. 

No permanent marker lines here these are all fat black stitch lines. 

 Unlike the bats that I have made in the past these are two piece costumes for larger kids. I had to clip these to my grape arbor to take photos, I would have had Daniel to model it but it is way too big even to get a idea of how it would fit. 

 I have made ties for the closure on the back of the top. Each one of these will take about two yards of fabric to make so I have more fabric to go buy.

I have also been working on fixing pillows for it seems every one and their cousin. Please NO more. I didn't mind the mandatory community hour pillows I made for my boys school (their academy requires 10 hours a year) I got to do what ever pleased me when creating them.  I have had pillows dropped off with the sole intention of  the owners just coming back and they will be made or fixed "no charge". Did I just say that? Yes I did, I need the extra money too. I appreciate the reuse recycle thought, it is cheaper than buying new but I am the one buying the stuffing and thread or what ever it is that I need to fix them. Maybe its the thought that "All this needs is to be sewn just a little", well all of those "just a Littles" are all piled up in one big stack of "can waits" until I get the time to work on after the "I'll make it worth your time's".

On the other hand I have those few people that treat me really well when it comes to things that need mended. I always manage to get their stuff done first, doesn't matter how much I have before their projects. When it comes to their clothing I have been given full control and I make all decisions on what it needs.

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