September 18, 2010

Simple Changes

You will have to excuse me but I don't have a way of taking picture of my self wearing the things that I work on. I want one of those timer cameras or may be a camera with a remote switch I can press when I'm ready.
So, my photos go like this: I try it on, I take it off of myself, place it on the dress form, take a picture of it on dress form, take it off dress form, fix it or work on it, I once agian try it onmy self, take it off agian, place it on dress form yet agian, take another picture and so on.
 This dress makes me trip. It is way too long for me and I don't think that I will be wearing any stiletos here in the near future. It was made for a person over 5'5" and that person is no where near my height so one ruffled layer will have to go. Notice how it drags the floor, the dress form is exactly my height and you can not see the legs of the dress form stand.

 Also the sides did not hold my girls in and you could see from the side what was suposed to be hiding. I added some elastic to the sides to fix that problem.

 Better I'd say. It doesn't just lay on the floor. You can see the legs of the stand its on.

This grazes the top of my feet nicely, now to figure out what to do with the layer that came off.

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